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    Studio Suite 111
    Collingwood Arts Center
    2413 Collingwood Blvd.
    Toledo, OH 43620

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    Last Updated 15 February 2023
    Rachelle's News

    15 February 2023

    I have my next few months planned out with creative projects:

    Portraiture, Landscape and Architecture

    Historic Photographic techniques include

    Silver on Albumen and Cyanotypes

    Upcoming Event: Open Studio 220

    Print Handling Lab

    Time TBD

    20 February 2023

    Upcoming Event: Open Studio 225

    Work-In-Progress Demonstration Lab

    Time TBD

    25 February 2023

    Recent Event:

    Nelson Theater Artist Talks

    Rachelle Evanoff

    with Guest Artist Julia LaBay Darrah

    Reception in Gallery 111


    11 January 2023