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    Last Updated 28 February, 2019

    Artist’s Biography

    Rachelle Raymer Evanoff was born and raised in northern California and Missouri. Throughout her youth, she went on many wonderful travel adventures across the United States and Canada. She camped and hiked in State and National Parks and visited historic monuments along the way. It was through these experiences that she developed a passion for the landscape and a strong sense of patriotism.

    Evanoff's photographic work, spanning the past thirty years, has primarily focused on identity within her family unit. She implements traditional darkroom methods as well as alternative 19th century photographic processes. She also works with video and digital as well as sculpture. The tools she chooses depends on the results she intends to achieve. Evanoff has ongoing personal passion projects. They range widely in subject matter; however, each is extensive in their own right.

    As a 2008 recipient of the Palmer Scholarship through the Toledo Museum of Art, Evanoff was able to spend a month photographing in the world heritage site and biosphere reserve of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. She subsequently spent two more summers in Montana continuing her documentary work. The Centennial Celebration has become one of her ongoing passion projects.

    Rachelle Evanoff earned a BFA in Studio Art with concentration in New Media and BA in Art History at the University of Toledo, Ohio in 2012. At graduation, she was distinguished as the College of Visual and Performing Arts most Outstanding Student along with being recognized as an Outstanding Student in the Department of Art.

    To create her artwork, Evanoff custom-designed Photo Darkroom Studios and Exhibition Space at the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio.

    September 29, 2018, Evanoff hosted a soft opening in her Rachelle Evanoff's Invited Artists Gallery b111 at the Collingwood Arts Center from 5-11 pm. First Invited Artists: Julia LaBay Darrah and Yusuf Lateef. They installed their collarative interactive sculpture exhibit, All Together Now.