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    Last Updated 016 October 2020

    Rachelle Kathleen Evanoff Studios

    Rachelle Fine Art, studio design

    Rachelle Evanoff's Collingwood Studios span the first two floors of the historic Collingwood Arts Center located in the Old West End neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio.

    Muliple spaces are designed to engage the community with the handmade photographic print and guest artist experiences.

    Rachelle Evanoff 220 Balcony Studio

    Rachelle Evanoff 104-106 Rachelle Fine Art - Toledo Gallery opened November 01, 2019 with a Birthday Reception hosted by Rachelle's parents.

    Rachelle Evanoff 225 Work-In-Progress Demonstration Lab opened September 29, 2019 with a reception for Studio Guest, Alyssa Coffin.

    Rachelle Evanoff 111 Invited Artists Gallery opened September 29, 2018 with an Interactive Sculpture Collaboration by Yusuf Lateef and Julia LaBay Darrah. Their All Together Now exhibition is currently on display.